Aggregate Supplies

At Blackman Skips, we offer a wide range of aggregate supplies from topsoil to crushed concrete.

MOT Type 1 – A British Standard sub base material 40ml to dust.

Type 1 Recycled Crushed Concrete - 40ml to dust.

Type 2 Recycled Crushed concrete and brick , 75ml to dust.

MOT Type 3 – limestone 65ml to 10ml.

Type 3 Recycled Concrete –75ml to 10ml for soakaways, drainage etc.

Type 4 – Tarmac road planings.

Topsoil - 1) British Standard topsoil, extra fine. 2) A screened multi-purpose topsoil.

Shingle – 6ml, 10ml and 20ml.

Ballast – 10ml and 20ml.

Sharp Sand – for rendering.

Building Sand – for bricklaying.


Top Soil

We also offer Screened Multi Purpose Top Soil to customers. This can be used in your home gardens. 

It is highly cost effective and suitable for back filling a void, turfing and levelling. Although it's n ot suitable for flower beds.

We supply British Standard Extra Fine Top Soil.

This is the best soil for home grown needs & is certified to British Standard for Top Soil.

This is suitable for flower beds, borders, allotments and planters.

Sand, Ballast & Shingle


For bricklaying

Grade : 500µm to 63µm

Cubic Volume :
1 ton = 0.55m3


For rendering

Grade :
4 mm to dust

Cubic Volume :
1 ton = 0.55m3



Grade : 6mm, 10mm & 20mm

Cubic Volume :
1 ton = 0.55m3


For concrete premixed with sand.

Grade : 10mm to 20mm

Cubic Volume : 1 ton = 0.55m3

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